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Spring industry market development trend in the future

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Our country some spring industry in the expert analyzes believed that along with the development of the host, spring products market in China will also be synchronous growth, by 2010 the industry sales will exceed 4 billion yuan, automobile, motorcycle industry in the spring will be more than 50% of the total market share. At the same time, in order to adapt to market changes, in the next few years spring industry will show new trends:


The emergence of a new combination. In the next few years, China's spring industry will continue to give priority to with small businesses, but some of the advantages of enterprises from the market and business strategy, use their capital, technology and talent advantage, mergers and acquisitions part of the enterprise and market factors of production in order to obtain needed resources, spring most of the state-owned and collective enterprises in the industry will be converted into stock or private enterprises.


Price competition to technology and quality competition. Along with market competition intensifying, and the spring industry has become more and more small profit margins, and forms a requirement for the quality of parts is more and more high, enterprises can no longer rely on a simple price to win the market, technology and quality becomes the key to competition.


From July 1, 2006, China's auto parts tariffs will be down to 10%, for the automotive industry form a complete set of suspension spring, valve spring, stabilizer bar, and other products of the final price will gradually with international prices, and for the mini, van form a complete set of products after the fierce market competition, the current price compared to the international market has a certain ability to compete, but quality can't compete with similar products. Other products especially for motorcycle related products and the price of a little spring, has been lower than the market price, so the same products abroad a threat to us on the price, competition is mainly embodied in terms of quality.


Product development to lightweight, high reliability. A rough estimate, in 2010 China's auto industry for suspension spring years demand for about 8 million items, valve springs in demand for about 30 million items (not including motorcycle and the diesel engine). Technology development trend of these two kinds of spring on the whole for lightweight, high stress, high reliability. For present profiled suspension spring and valve spring, because the material price is high, the manufacturing process is complex, makes the production cost is higher than spring with circular cross section, so now also don't see profiled spring to completely replace circular cross section for signs of spring.

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