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The use of door closers and the maintenance, repair

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Newly installed door closers in use about a week to 10 days, should check all the screws, and tighten it again. Use manufacturer recommended by the hydraulic oil, should be used for cold area hydraulic oil of low condensation point.


Periodically check the door closers after put into use, check the content is: whether the mounting screw loosening and loss, connecting arm whether brush with door or door frame body touch, the deformation and looseness, if there is a close, the hydrodynamic effect of buffer and supporting guidance whether a leak.


Usually use after a period of time in door closers will appear the following questions:

1) install the screw loose or missing, leading to a door closers not in the correct position on the installation, connection arm is damaged;

2) door closers closing buffer effect becomes poor, lead to collision between the door and door frame, door body deformation;

From the perspective of structure was a closed door closer as a whole, from exterior basic can't see its quality.


Door closers most critical quality problem is whether the oil, because the door closers depend on its internal of fluid in the hydraulic system of the throttle to realize the control of the shutdown process, the oil means that the failure of the hydraulic system, the service life of the hydraulic system is therefore decided to door closers only standard. Oil is the main reason of the pinion bearing guide a wear make clearance increases, sealing ring wear sealing effect caused by decline or in regulating buffer effect when the throttle valve core counterclockwise to leave the body.


Door closers buffer effect is reduced due to leak air entering or rack piston guide cooperate (throttle) clearance between the cylinder and the body increases. Therefore, pinion, supporting guide piece of material, heat treatment and machining quality and the precision is very important.


For door closers buffer effect is poor, only by adjusting the throttle valve core throttling is cannot fundamentally solve the problem. Must pass the maintenance way, if the bearing guide a spill, remove the bearing guide, check the status of the sealing ring, if already wear or aging failure, replace the seal ring. If a bearing orientation and clearance between pinion shaft is too big, change bearing guide. If the rack piston guide cylinder wear and tear, and the fit clearance between the valve body increase led to the decrease of the throttling effect, can remove the rack piston, use the method of surface chromium plating to repair. In addition, in the circumstances, to insure the effect of door closers buffer to switch to the soft spring, is also reduced due to the buffer effect of variation of the back door of a door frame collision force a way.

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